Tarter: A Proud History – A Strong Future

Tarter Gate, founded in 1945, is still managed and owned by the Tarter family, and is one of the most diverse companies in the agribusiness-manufacturing sector. Tarter, unlike many other manufacturers in the industry, maintains total control of all phases of manufacturing, from raw material purchase to final delivery.

C.V. Tarter founded the Tarter Gate Company, located in Dunnville, Kentucky in 1945. He made wooden farm gates by hand and sold them throughout the local area. He sold the business to his son and daughter-in-law, Roger and Vivian Tarter. They, along with their sons, Donald and David Tarter, expanded the business to include tubular and galvanized-steel gates along with other livestock-related products. Today’s Tarter is a company C.V. would hardly recognize, although his great-grandchildren are carrying on the work he began more than a half-century before. In 2008, the company changed its name from Tarter Gate Company to Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment.

That next generation of Tarters is overseeing what is today the largest manufacturer of farm gates and animal management equipment in North America.

Today’s Tarter has almost 1,000,000 square feet of production facilities in two Kentucky communities and a full manufacturing and distribution center in Corinne, Utah.

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