CattleMaster Sweep System Lead-Up Kit

Tarter’s CattleMaster Sweep System Lead-Up Kit is a modular set of heavy-gauge steel panels and bows that you can assemble in a variety of configurations to fit your cattle-handling needs. You can create a 30-foot lead-up alley that connects to your sweep system (see Standard Sweep System diagram) or assemble custom-built confinement and working areas. The components work with left- and right-hand sweep tub setups, so there is no need to change your existing configuration. Enhance your kit’s versatility by adding an Alley Panel with Cut Gate (APWCGR/SAPWCGR), a 10’ Steelmax Panel with Walk-Thru (RRW64), or 10’ Tarter corral panels. Longer corral panels may work in certain configurations.

Additional individual kit pieces available for purchase if needed.


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