180º x 20 Cattlemaster Sheeted Sweep System

Tarter’s 180° x 20 CattleMaster Sheeted Sweep System is rugged, versatile and easy to set up and use. This system was designed to make cattle handling fast, safe and simple; providing everything that’s needed for efficient cattle handling, saving time and boosting profitability.

The sheeted option features a solid sheet of metal that restricts the cattle’s view, which can reduce stress and prevent foot traps for rowdier livestock.

Built with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and a 7-bar design for extra support in heavy confinement situations. This system, with a 180° sweep tub offers six configurations.

Interchangeable connection points make for clean and easy attachments to Tarter’s Cattlemaster Chutes. A fully adjustable alleyway allows for working animals of any size.

The alleyway rolls on a smooth but tough roller system. Large alley adjustment handles can easily move in 3” increments from 13” to 31”.

Tarter’s 180° x 20 CattleMaster Sheeted Sweep System is a smart investment that will maximize productivity and profit for years to come.


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