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CattleMaster Series Overview

Published on 12/11/14

   The CattleMaster line of chutes from Tarter Farm and Ranch gives you a range of options from the farmer with a few head of cattle to work, up to the individual who needs a hydraulic chute and several points in between.  “These chutes feature manual and automatic head gates, and give you the options you need to work cattle in the way you want to work them,” Travis Cox, VP & GM of Tarter told us.
   Donald Tarter and a team of engineers have designed the innovative CattleMaster line of chutes.  Years of experience went into the process. Donald Tarter for example has 50 years in the cattle business and helped create the CattleMaster Series 12. ” We are really excited about this hydraulic chute, we think its the chute of the future,” Donald said. There’s a lot of reasons why. The Series 12 is for the large operator and medium operator who wants the ease and convenience of a hydraulic chute. This unit works on 110 volts and can plug into any normal 110 outlet.
   The CattlemMaster Series 9 can also handle a large herd. It is built on a square, tubular frame so it’s a lot stronger and heavier. The Series 9 will be available this Spring.
   The CattleMaster Series 6 is perfect for the medium sized rancher, someone with 25 to a hundred head of cattle. The Series 6 will handle cattle up to 1600 to 1700 pounds with no problem. We also have designed a split tail gate on this unit that is easy to operate.
   For the smaller herd,  Tarter created the CattleMaster Series 3 which can handle cows weighing up to 1300 pounds. Tarter Cattle Handling Equipment Specialist Jared Watts added, ” This is our smallest chute – more of your entry level chute for someone that is just getting into cattle. Maybe they have 10, 15, 20 head in the backyard and they want to start working cattle safely, and be able to do it with ease.
    The CattleMaster Series of chutes from Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment. Safer for animal and operator, plus easy to use. Continue checking out our website for more information about each individual model.

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