CattleMaster Series 9

We’re proud to show you the CattleMaster Series of chutes from Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment. Donald Tarter has worked cattle for 50 years and played a key role in the design. “The Series 9 chute can handle about any number of cattle. The one thing about this chute is it’s built on a square tubular frame. It’s a lot stronger and heavier,” Donald told us.

The Series 9 comes with an automatic head gate and has features that allows just one person to work cattle if they choose. The design also makes the experience safer for animal and operator. Plus it’s easy to use. “The Series 9 is perfect for some of your larger farmers that do not want to step up to a hydraulic chute because they don’t have electricity in their barn. But it can still handle those large cattle. Some people will run those 1700 or 1800 pound mama cows and this one will work well for those guys,” said Jared Watts, a Tarter Cattle Handling Specialist.

Tarter also kept safety in mind with the Series 9. “On the automatic head gate we have incorporated some springs that makes it a little softer landing for when that head gate does slam shut. It takes some of the pressure off of the animal when it comes to a stop,” Jared added.

A back up bar keeps livestock from backing up in the chute. The Series 9 also features a drop down bottom, or kick-pan for easy access. Check out for more information about the Series 9 model and the rest of our CattleMaster series of chutes.