CattleMaster Series 12

With more than a thousand cattle to work:  Toby Jordan from Rensselaer, Indiana turned to Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment. We helped enhance his cattle handling operation at Waukaru Farms with Tarter’s hydraulic CattleMaster Series 12 chute. “My family has a pure bred seed stock operation, and we raise and sell short horn genetics. My primary focus is selling bulls to cattlemen all over the country,” Toby told us.

The Series 12 helped Toby get the job done much quicker. “The controls are really responsive, the cattle work through the chute quickly. What we noticed was at the end of the day, we were so much further ahead than schedule.  We were up at the chute thinking there was more cattle to come through, but we had gone through the entire herd a lot faster than normal,” Toby said.

At Tarter headquarters in Dunnville, Kentucky: generations of cattle handling experience went into the design of this chute that’s perfect for experienced cattlemen with large herds.

Travis Cox is the Tarter VP & GM. He also grew up working cattle with his dad, a veterinarian. Travis helped oversee the production and design of this chute. “With the hydraulic head gate, it is a scissor style head gate which has an added feature of adjustable neck extenders on the front. The Series 12 also has a hydraulically operated split tail gate, it has the wide bottom opening for ease of access,” Travis added.

Donald Tarter also played a key role in the Series 12. He’s been in the cattle handling business for 5 decades. He likes the fact you can work two cows at one time with this chute, and it’s also easy to set up. “When we designed this chute we wanted to make sure it was easy to operate and set up. It’s wired for 110 volts so you just plug it in and go,” Donald told us.

Back at Waukaru Farms, Toby Jordan agrees with Donald. He adds, “The Series 12 is heavy duty for working mature cows,  quick and simple. I feel like its going to last a lot of years here, we are going to get a lot of use out of it.

The CattleMaster Series 12:  perfect for the medium and large cattle operator who wants the ease and convenience of a hydraulic chute. Continue to check out for more information.