Valu-Line Cattle Bale Feeder

  • STURDY & DURABLE: Ideal for feeding smaller cattle.

  • SLANT BAR DESIGN: prevents calves from getting inside.

  • ROUND & ROOMY: 8’ in diameter accommodates large round bales.



The Valu-Line Cattle Bale Feeder is designed for feeding hay to smaller livestock under 600 pounds. This lightweight yet durable product is constructed of high quality steel tube and is 8' in diameter, finished with red E-coat or galvanized. 

Note: This feeder is not be used for horses or for livestock over 600 lbs. Misuse of feeder with larger animals will void manufacturer's warranty. 

MSRP & Specs

Valu-Line Cattle Bale Feeder - Red
MSRP: $242.99
Item #: VLRBF
Approx. Weight: 99 lbs. 
Color: Red

Valu-Line Cattle Bale Feeder - Galvanized
MSRP: $248.99
Item #: GVLRBF
Approx. Weight:  99 lbs.
Color: Galvanized


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