Fire Ring

Fire Ring 3’

Safely keeps the fire under control and burning longer. 

MSRP: $55.99
Item #: FR3

  • Perfect for fires at home or the campsite

  • Keeps embers hot, extending fire burn time

  • 12″ tall and 3' diameter safely accommodates more wood

  • Constructed from galvanized metal for extended life

  • Measures 3’ diameter with smooth rolled top

  • Lightweight and easy transport



Tarter Fire Ring

Imagine gathering the family around a blazing bonfire in your backyard or reminiscing with old friends at the campsite. Tarter's 3' Fire Ring is constructed of high quality galvanized metal, offering years of reliable, safe use at the farm, ranch or campsite. The 12" tall design keeps embers hot for longer burn times and can accommodate more wood. Keep the home fires burning safely with Tarter’s Fire Rings. 

MSRP & Specs

Fire Ring 3’
MSRP: $55.99
Item #: FR3
Height: 12″
Approx. Weight: 31 lbs.
Diameter: 3′



"It's really cool because you don't need that much space for a fire ring. We're in the suburbs so we don't even have that big of a yard."

"I am excited about this fire ring because we know the fire is going to burn longer and it's going to be really safe."

Amy M, Nashville

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