Equine Elevated Hay & Grain Feeder subheader=Equine Paddock Master Hay & Grain Feeder

MSRP: $734.99
Item #: HHGF

  • EASY ACCESS: At 6’ tall, this feeder allows the horse to eat hay or grain in a lateral plane.

  • HEAVY DUTY: At 260 pounds this feeder is the heaviest in its class and engineered to withstand animals use and abuse.

  • ALL SEASON PASS. Our durable corrosion-resistant powder coat finish means it can be used year-round, making it a long-lasting smart investment.



Tarter's Equine Elevated Hay & Grain Feeder is designed to feed both hay and grain to horses, allowing them to eat in a lateral plane. This heavy duty feeder is engineered to withstand the use and abuse in the field from both horses and the weather.

MSRP & Specs

Equine Elevated Hay & Grain Feeder
MSRP: $734.99
Item #: HHGF
Height: 69-1/2″
Length: 60″
Width: 36″
Approx. Weight: 260 lbs.



"The best part is it being one piece with no assembly, and it is extremely durable and heavy so it cannot be knocked over. It holds a great amount of hay and is easy for horses to eat out of. I love that it keeps hay off the ground, and I am very happy with it!
- Jenny F, Instagram

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Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders

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  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel

  • V-style for easy loading and animal access

  • Bolts easily onto your feeder for quick assembly

  • Keeps hay accessible and clean



Tarter's Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders is constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel and is designed for fast and simple feeding. The V-Shape keeps hay accessible and clean while also minimizing hay waste.

MSRP & Specs

5' - Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders
MSRP: $284.99
Item #: HR5
Length: 5′
Approx. Weight: 48 lbs.

10' - Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders
MSRP: $348.99
Item #: HR10
Length: 10′
Approx. Weight: 68 lbs.


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5′ 1-Piece Heavy-Duty Bunk Feeders

MSRP: $189.99

  • Portable feeder that is ideal for feeding horses

  • Stands 33″ high and 5′ long; liner measures 9" deep x 27" wide with weep holes

  • Replaceable bunk liner, held securely with rivets

  • Poly liner is made from 100% recycled materials

  • Available in galvanized only



Tarter's 5' 1-Piece Heavy-Duty Bunk Feeders are easily transported for maximum versatility within a field or paddock. This product features a heavy duty galvanized frame and a replaceable poly liner that drains and is easy to clean.

MSRP & Specs

5′ Bunk Feeder - Galvanized
MSRP: $189.99
Item #: 1PGHB5
Approx. Weight: 38 lbs.
Height: 33″
Width: 37″


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Wall Mount Poly Hay & Grain Feeder

MSRP: $112.99

  • Mounts to wall of stalls for feeding horses

  • Holds 3 flakes of hay in the 3/8″galvanized manger

  • Lower poly feeder holds up to 4-gallons of grain

  • Easy to clean, fill, and maintain

  • Works for a variety of feeding applications



Tarter's Poly Hay & Grain Feeder is designed for mounting on walls and in corners of stalls. This easy-to-clean feeder holds 3 flakes of hay and up to 4 gallons of grain.

MSRP & Specs

Wall Mount
Poly Hay & Grain Feeder
MSRP: $112.99
Item #: GFP
Height: 32″
Approx. Weight: 10 lbs.
Width: 24″
Depth: 18″

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Poly Corner Mount Hay Feeder

MSRP: $80.99
Item #: PCMHF

  • Designed with yoke in front to allow any size horse access to feed in natural position

  • The rounded smooth lip, polyethylene construction is for strength and horse safety

  • Holds 3-4 flakes of hay

  • Removable drain plug for easy cleaning

  • 1″ ventilation strips located in the front keeps hay dry and gives moisture a quick way out

  • Slow Feed Solution: Add a Texas Hay Net to turn the Poly Corner Mount Hay Feeder into a slow feeder.



Tarter's Poly Corner Mount Hay Feeder simply bolts to any stall and works great with Tarter’s Elite stall front with the rotating feeder door. This feeder is designed with safety and durability in mind and holds three to four flakes of hay.

Texas Haynet has created a custom net for the Poly Corner Mount Hay Feeder which turns it into a slow feeder. See the benefits here

MSRP & Specs

Poly Corner Mount Hay Feeder
MSRP: $80.99
Item #: PCMHF
Height: 28-1/2″ (from drain plug to highest point)
Width: 32″ (front view, from end to end)
Length: 22-1/2″ (from corner mount to center front)
Approx. Weight: 13 lbs.




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