Energy-Free Waterers

  • Continuous fresh, clean water for your animals, saving time and enhancing animal health

  • Corrosion free polyethylene material for years of trouble-free use in all environments

  • Enclosed insulated containers help keep water from immediate freeze in cold weather

  • Bolt-down method keeps the waterer in desired location

  • CSA certified and FDA/HBP approved; food grade, recyclable plastic



Tarter's Energy-Free Waterers are constructed of high quality polyethylene for years of reliable use in even the harshest weather environments. These waterers provide a constant supply of fresh, clean water for your animals, saving time and eliminating issues associated with dirty, stagnant water. Insulation protects from instant freeze and the waterers can be bolted down for safety and convenience.

MSRP & Specs

Door Energy Free Waterer
MSRP: $609.99
Item #: W351
Height: 20″
Width: 23″
Length: 28″
Capacity: 17 Gallons
Approx. Weight:  50 lbs

Door Energy Free Waterer
MSRP: $694.99
Item #: W352NG
Height: 20″
Width: 23″
Length: 41″
Capacity: 22 Gallons
Approx. Weight:  75 lbs.

Door Energy Free Waterer
MSRP: $930.99
Item #: W44
Height: 19″
Width: 36″
Length: 41″
Capacity: 40 Gallons
Approx. Weight:  92 lbs.

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