Valu-Line 5-Bar 4′ Walk-Thru

  • Provides ease of access for both livestock and herdsmen into round pens

  • 4′ wide and features double-brace bow design

  • Constructed of 1-1/2" tubular steel

  • Chain and latch connects to the corral with our drop-pin hookup system

  • Features our Red E-Coat finish to ensure longer life in the field


Tarter's Valu-Line 5-Bar 4' Walk-Thru provides ease of access for both livestock and herdsman into round pens. The walk-thru is 4' wide and features a double-brace bow design, with simple chain and latch connection with our drop-pin hookup system. Available in our red E-Coat finish for longer life in the field.

MSRP & Specs

Valu-Line 5-Bar 4′ Walk-Thru - Red
Item #: VLW4
Approx. Weight: 41 lbs.
Length: 4′


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