Palpation Cage

MSRP: $889.99
Item #: SPC

  • Optional unit configured to fit both the CattleMaster Chutes

  • High-sheeted doors with heavy square tubing to block animal views

  • Features dual-access doors from each side with heavy-duty, spring-loaded slam latches

  • Both doors open into alley and latch, forming a protective barrier from the animals in the alley

  • Easy-adjusting, movable hookups for ease of attachment to chute and alley

  • Grease fittings on all pivot points

  • Durable powder coat finish



Tarter's Palpation Cage is designed to keep both the herdsman and animal safe during working. High-sheeted doors on each side with heavy-duty slam latches allow for convenient access to the back of the animal. Each of these doors open into the alley and latch, creating a sturdy barrier from animals in the alley. This optional unit is designed to fit both models of chutes. 

MSRP & Specs

Palpation Cage
MSRP: $889.99
Item #: SPC
Height: 78″
Approx. Weight: 185 lbs.
Width: 32″
Length: 32″


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