Optional Sliding Alley Gate


MSRP: $611.99
Item #: SCG

  • Heavy-duty square tube construction and sheeted door to block animal view

  • Door slides easily because of the top-mounted, ball-bearing rollers with self-cleaning bottom

  • Door features heavy-duty handle and spring-loaded auto latch

  • Can be used as alleyway entry gate and/or mid-alley for scales or other uses

  • Features our durable red finish



Tarter's Optional Sliding Alley Gate helps separate animals inside of the alley for efficient handling and increased animal safety. This product is constructed of heavy-duty square tube construction and a sheeted door to block animal view. The top-mounted, ball-bearing rollers feature a "self-cleaning" bottom, allowing for easy, reliable sliding. This product can be used as an alleyway entry gate or mid-alley for scales or other uses

MSRP & Specs

Optional Sliding Alley Gate
MSRP: $611.99
Item #: SCG
Height: 80″
Approx. Weight: 196 lbs.
Width: 74″
Length: 8″


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