Oval Raised Bed Planter - 6' or 8'

6' Raised Bed Planter - $125.99
8' Raised Bed Planter - $182.99

  • EASY SET UP. Create a garden in minutes with no assembly or tools required. See how.[lightbox]

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE. Lasts longer than wooden planters.

  • SAFETY FIRST. Galvanized steel and rounded edges ensures safety for all plants, soils, pets and people.



Tarter Raised Bed Planter

Whether you’re in the country or the city, let Tarter help you show off your green thumb with our raised bed planters. Perfect for edibles and ornamentals, these planters produce twice the amount per square foot than traditional gardens. And with Tarter’s raised bed planters you can often plant earlier and harvest later to extend the growing season. Create an instant garden anywhere - just add soil and seeds and you’re good to grow! 

Tarter Raised Bed Planters are a foot tall. If you're looking for a taller planter, click here [lightbox] to see how you can turn a Tarter Tank into a planter.

MSRP & Specs

6' Oval
Raised Bed Planter
MSRP: $125.99
Item #: RBGP216
Approx. Height: 12″
Width: 24″
Approx. Weight: 27 lbs
Approx. Length: 72″

8' Oval
Raised Bed Planter
MSRP: $182.99
Item #: RBGP318
Approx. Height: 12″
Width: 36″
Approx. Weight: 38 lbs
Approx. Length: 96″



"The whole process for an 8-foot raised bed planter was probably an hour. So half the time, half the price of wooden planters; it couldn't be better."

"If you have a green thumb and eight to 10 feet of space you can do one of these easily."

John and Shelly, Nashville, TN

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