Maternity Pen

MSRP: $3,963.99
Item #: MP1

  • Great for birthing and nursing animals

  • Circular design with sweep gate provides safe handling of animals

  • Heavy-duty automatic headgate

  • Split sweep gate with ratchet stop

  • Rear access door

  • Ribbed floor plate in birthing area

  • Heavy-duty, all welded 2- 1/2 square tube frame



Tarter's Maternity Pen is designed for safe handling of expecting cows and is helpful for assisting in calving or nursing. It features a heavy duty automatic headgate, sweepgate and rear access door for full access to the animal. 

MSRP & Specs

Maternity Pen
MSRP: $3,963.99
Item #: MP1
Height: 85″
Approx. Weight: 1005 lbs.
Width: 167.5″
Length: 129.25″


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"Our heifer went into labor last night and she was a first time calver. Her water broke on the way out at 7PM; we waited for an hour to see if we could see hooves. There were no signs after an hour so we led her into the pen and checked her. There was still a water sack inside so we decided to give it more time; after 3 hours it was time for us to pull it. The Maternity Pen was absolutely amazing; being able to open both sides up made it so much easier to get her in. After she was in we opened the top sections on both sides so we could freely work and we were successfully able to pull a healthy little girl, and momma cow is doing fine."
- Chris M. 

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