Kidder Panel and Walk-Thru

  • Used for containment of goat kids, calves and small animals

  • Create any size dimension by attaching multiple units

  • Fully interchangeable 5' and 10' panels of high quality galvanized steel



Tarter's Kidder Panel and Walk-Thru features high quality galvanized steel construction for the containment of kids, calves and other small animals. The 5' and 10' panels, as well as the Walk-Thru allow for maximum versatility and customization.

MSRP & Specs

5′ - Kidding Pen Panel
MSRP: $102.99
Item #: KP5
Height: 52″
Approx. Weight: 27 lbs.

10′ - Kidding Pen Panel
MSRP: $165.99
Item #: KP10
Height: 52″
Approx. Weight: 50 lbs.

5′ - Kidding Pen Walk-Thru Gate
MSRP: $187.99
Item #: KPW5
Height: 7′
Approx. Weight: 60 lbs




"In a relatively short period of time we got this thing set up; it took 3 minutes." 
Tim F., Tim Farmer's Country Kitchen

"What's great about these panels is that when you've got these pens that are portable you can use feed troughs that hook over the edge so you are able to feed or do whatever you want anytime you want to."

"These keep them more contained and you can work them faster."
Kelly Y., Kentucky Sheep & Goat Development Office

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