Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders

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  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel

  • V-style for easy loading and animal access

  • Bolts easily onto your feeder for quick assembly

  • Keeps hay accessible and clean



Tarter's Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders is constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel and is designed for fast and simple feeding. The V-Shape keeps hay accessible and clean while also minimizing hay waste.

MSRP & Specs

5' - Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders
MSRP: $284.99
Item #: HR5
Length: 5′
Approx. Weight: 48 lbs.

10' - Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders
MSRP: $348.99
Item #: HR10
Length: 10′
Approx. Weight: 68 lbs.


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5′ 1-Piece Heavy-Duty Bunk Feeders

MSRP: $189.99

  • Portable feeder that is ideal for feeding horses

  • Stands 33″ high and 5′ long; liner measures 9" deep x 27" wide with weep holes

  • Replaceable bunk liner, held securely with rivets

  • Poly liner is made from 100% recycled materials

  • Available in galvanized only



Tarter's 5' 1-Piece Heavy-Duty Bunk Feeders are easily transported for maximum versatility within a field or paddock. This product features a heavy duty galvanized frame and a replaceable poly liner that drains and is easy to clean.

MSRP & Specs

5′ Bunk Feeder - Galvanized
MSRP: $189.99
Item #: 1PGHB5
Approx. Weight: 38 lbs.
Height: 33″
Width: 37″


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