Goat Creep Feeder

MSRP: $1,061.99
Item #: GC65

  • IN CONTROL. Standard height adjustment bar puts you in control - eliminating competition from adult animals.

  • TARTER TOUGH. Extra rear bracing provides additional support, making this creep feeder the strongest in the market.

  • ALL SEASON PASS. Our durable corrosion-resistant e-coat finish means it can be used year-round, making it a long-lasting smart investment.



This 650-lb. capacity Creep Feeder allows for the continuous free flow of feed. The adjustable height bar can be moved up and down or removed completely so you can choose what size kids can enter the cage. A feed control band is standard on all units and the sliding lid provides a dual handle for easy loading of feed.

MSRP & Specs

Goat Creep Feeder
MSRP: $1,061.99
Item #: GC65
Capacity: 650 lbs.
Feed Trough Dimensions: 9″ w x 50″ l x 6″ d
Height: 48″
Approx. Weight: 270 lbs.
Width: 37″
Length: 50″
Cage Length: 65″
Depth: 43″


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