CattleMaster Series 9

MSRP: $7,433.99
Item #: CMSCA9

  • Automatic, spring cushioned head-gate. Catches the livestock, then automatically resets for the next round.

  • Easy pull squeeze mechanism. Applies pressure safely to livestock - keeping them still while you work.

  • Adjustable side panels easily adapts from calves to bulls.

  • All-Access Pass. Removable top and bottom panels allows quick and easy access for branding, vaccinating, deworming, etc.

  • Side Exit. The side panel opens providing another exit option.



The CattleMaster Series 9 has a heavy duty steel frame that’s perfect for large cattle operations.

The Series 9 is built on a heavy duty steel frame, making it tough enough to hold up to the rigors of high volume cattle handling. This squeeze chute has several great features that makes it easy to use, and protects your investment.

Let's start with the tailgate. One lever easily opens and closes it. Once livestock are inside, a Backup Bar lets you safely move them forward if need be.

An Automatic, spring cushioned head gate catches the livestock, and then automatically resets for the next round.

An easy pull squeeze mechanism allows you to safely apply pressure to livestock, keeping them still while you work. The Series 9 has side panels that easily adjust from calves to bulls. 

This chute gives you an all access pass for working livestock. Removable panels give you top access for branding, vaccinations, and deworming. You also have easy access to their neck. 

And - removable bottom panels make working the lower half of cattle safe and quick.

If you need to work larger cattle, there's a side door to allow livestock to exit. 

  • Maximum inside working dimensions: 62″ tall, 39″ wide, 98″ long

  • Working Dimensions *Minimum amount of space required to properly operate chute effectively: 87" tall, 126" wide and 123" long

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish

Have questions? Call our team of cattle handling experts at 1-800-RED-GATE. Or chat with us at tarterusa.com

MSRP & Specs

CattleMaster Series 9
MSRP: $7,433.99
Item #: CMSCA9
Height: 88″
Width: 52″
Length: 111″
Weight: 1,650 lbs.




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