CattleMaster Series 3

MSRP: $2,983.99

  • Multi-Purpose Single-Operator Design: Saves you time and money.

  • Automatic and Manual Headgate Options

    • Automatic: does the catching for you

    • Manual: simple and easy to operate

  • Easy-Pull Tailgate Feature. Allows you to work cattle by yourself.

  • Easy Squeeze System. Safely applies pressure to keep cattle still while you work

  • All-Access Pass. Removable top and bottom panels allow quick and easy access for branding, vaccinating, deworming, etc.

  • Side Exit. The side panel opens providing an exit for larger livestock.



Tarter’s CattleMaster Series 3 is the economical, fast, and safe solution for smaller cattle operations. This all-purpose chute even makes it easy to work cattle by yourself.

The Series 3 has a number of great features that will save you time and protect your investment.

Let's start with the tailgate. An easy-to-use pull handle allows you to operate the tailgate near the entrance so you can encourage livestock to enter. The tailgate automatically locks when opened. When closed, durable steel bars prevent cattle from getting out - and others from getting in - allowing cattle to see into the chute. It’s more likely they will want to enter when it’s their turn.

Next, the CattleMaster Series 3 head gate gives you a number of options that allows for easy adjustments to fit the various sizes of your livestock. 

The Manual head gate is easy to operate with a simple lever to get the job done. The Automatic head-gate does the catching for you, so there’s no need to stand at the front of the chute.

Once livestock are in the chute - a single lever squeeze mechanism lets you apply pressure safely - keeping them still and calm.

With one hand, you can easily access the top half of livestock for branding, vaccinations, and deworming. Removable panels make working the lower half of cattle safe and quick.

And if you need to work larger cattle, there's a side door to allow livestock to exit. 

  • Maximum inside working dimensions

    • Auto headgate: 55″ tall, 26″ wide and 89″ long

    • Manual headgate: 57″ tall, 31″ wide and 87″ long

  • Working Dimensions *Minimum amount of space required to properly operate chute effectively

    • Auto headgate: 112" tall, 95" wide and 109" long

    • Manual headgate: 112" tall, 105" wide and 109" long

  • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat red finish

Have questions? Give our team of cattle handling experts a call at 1-800-RED-GATE. Or chat with us at tarterusa.com

MSRP & Specs

Automatic Headgate
CattleMaster Series 3
MSRP: $2,983.99
Item #: CCA
Height: 79″
Approx. Weight: 1,035 lbs.
Width: 72″
Length: 107″

Manual Headgate
CattleMaster Series 3
MSRP: $2,983.99
Item #: CCM
Height: 79″
Approx. Weight: 985 lbs.
Width: 61″
Length: 96″



"There is a lot less chance of a cow getting in contact with the operator so there's a lesser chance of me getting injured if I am here by myself.

When I run them through it seems pretty simple. It’s pretty easy. They go right through it. I feel pretty safe running my cattle through it."
Taylor, Dunnville, KY

"The chute is well built.  It’s a nice piece of equipment. 

I think the Series 3 it’s a good investment for any small farmer like I am. It’s well worth what you have to pay for it. "

- David M., Kentucky


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