Steelcor Cattle Hay Feeder subheader=2-Piece Heavy Duty Slant Bar Cattle Hay Feeder

  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: it’s one of our most popular feeders because it handles high pressure, heavy use environments.

  • ROCK SOLID DESIGN: Slats are strategically welded on the outside for extra strength.

  • ROUND & ROOMY: 8’ in diameter accommodates large round bales.

NOTE: All feeders come with nuts and bolts. Not recommended for horses.



Tarter's Steelcor Cattle Hay Feeder is designed for high pressure, heavy use environments. The slats on this round bale feeder are welded on the outside for extra strength from cattle pushing against the feeder. This product is 45" tall and 8' in diameter for round bale feeding and is standard with our durable, corrosion resistant powder coat.

MSRP & Specs

Steelcor Cattle Hay Feeder
MSRP: $366.99
Item #: 14G20
Approx. Weight: 185 lbs.
Color: Red



"We started buying hay rings from Tarter about 10 or 12 years ago... once we started buying them we haven't had to repair any or throw any away. That's been a lot different than what we've used in the past.

We haven't been ripping the ear tags out out cattle with that. That was always a problem with other designs."
Toby J., Waukaru Farms

"We have bought cheaper ones before and they fail in comparison to the Tarter brand. The design makes it easy for our stock to feed. Hands down the best hay feeder on the market. I would recommend Tarter brand over any other brand."
Anthony and Tina Garner, Garner Farm Red Angus, Ringgold, GA



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