Series 3 Manual Headgate

MSRP: $851.99
Item #: CMH

  • Ideal for the small herd

  • Single-person operated

  • Can be bolted to wooden alley posts if desired

  • Grease fittings at critical points

  • Single-piece top linkage for smooth operation

  • Quality constructed of heavy-duty 2-3/8″ tubular steel

  • Sold separately or with CattleMaster Series 3 chute

  • Headgate is recommended for cattle up to 1,200 lbs



Tarter's Series 3 Manual Headgate is designed for the cattleman with a smaller sized herd and animals up to 1,200 lbs. This heavy duty product can be safely and simply operated by just one person. It can be mounted on to wooden posts if desired.

MSRP & Specs

Series 3 Manual Headgate
MSRP: $851.99
Item #:  CMH
Height:  76″
Approx. Weight:  169 lbs.
Mounting Bolt Width: 37-1/2″
Total Width:  60-1/2″
Length:  8″


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