Round Ultra 46 subheader= 46G / 2'W x 2'T

MSRP: $105.99
Item #: GUT22

  • TARTER TOUGH: Withstands harsh weather conditions and is rust resistant

  • REINFORCED SIDING: The sides of the tank are designed for extra strength 

  • HOLDING CAPACITY: 46 gallons

  • SIZE: 2′ W x 2′ T (All sizes listed are approximate and within a 2 inch variance)

  • WEIGHT: 27 lbs.



Grow vegetables, herbs, evergreens and flowers the simple and easy way with Tarter’s Galvanized Steel Stock Tank Planters. Create a garden just about anywhere with the Round Ultra 46 - which holds about 6 cubic feet of potting soil. It’s one of our most popular planters that adds a decorative, modern touch to a back porch or anywhere on your farm or ranch. This stock tank is deep enough to grow larger vegetables and is built with high quality galvanized rust-resistant steel. The Round Ultra 46 planter is your go to gardening solution!

MSRP & Specs

Round Galvanized Stock Tanks
MSRP: $105.99
Item #: GUT22
Approx. Size: 2′ W x 2′ T
Approx. Capacity: 46 gallons
Approx. Weight: 27 lbs.



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*All sizes listed are approximate and within a 2 inch variance.