Oval Dura Tall 70 subheader=70G / 2'W x 2'T x 3'L

MSRP: $106.99
Item #: WT223

  • TARTER TOUGH: Withstands harsh weather conditions and is rust-resistant

  • ROUNDED DESIGN: No sharp edges means livestock safety

  • SIZE: 2′ W  x 2′ T  x 3′ L (All sizes listed are approximate and within a 2 inch variance)

  • WEIGHT: 36 lbs.



Keep your livestock hydrated with fresh, clean water year around with Tarter’s Oval Dura Tall 70. It’s one of our most popular galvanized steel stock tank waterers and holds up to 70 gallons. A handy plug means effortless draining and easy cleaning. It’s Tarter Tough with features like rust resistant steel and rolled rims for flexible strength. The waterer’s rounded design means no sharp edges and ensures livestock safety. An animal safe sealant prevents leaks. These features make Tarter’s Oval Dura Tall 70 an essential part of your working farm or ranch.

MSRP & Specs

Oval Galvanized Stock Tanks
MSRP: $106.99
Item #: WT223
SKU: 107563
Approx. Size: 2′ W  x 2′ T  x 3′ L
Approx. Capacity: 70 gallons
Approx. Weight: 36 lbs.




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*All sizes listed are approximate and within a 2 inch variance.