Middle Buster/Subsoiler Sub-Compact

MSRP: $186.99
Item #: MBSSSC

Two Tools in One: 

  • Subsoiler: Breaks up tough ground and gets rid of standing water.

  • Middle Buster: Plows up potatoes and other root vegetables.

  • Accelerates Plant Growth: Increases water movement and aeration.



Tarter’s Middle Buster-Subsoiler Sub-Compact Combo is truly two great implements in one!

Use this implement as a Middle Buster to plant or plow up root vegetables with ease.

Take off the furrow and you’ve got a Subsoiler that will get down deep to break up dense soil, eliminate standing water, and accelerate plant growth. Compacted soil makes it difficult for anything to grow. This soil condition can also reduce plant growth by 50 percent. Tarter’s Subsoiler is the perfect solution to break up that hard ground. 

Use the Subsoiler to increase water movement, allow better aeration of the roots, and give them access to additional minerals and nutrients for faster growth.

Here’s another Subsoiler tip: use this implement along tree lines, so roots won’t grow out into your field. 

When you’re out working your land, you need the right equipment, and not just any implement will do. Tarter’s middle buster/subsoiler does double duty - it cuts through compacted soil with ease and the double-wing cutter can be used for planting or plowing up potatoes. Attach a subsoiler point and easily break up hard, low ground where water accumulates and watch the water drain after only one pass. Category 1 hookup and Category 0 spacing for sub-compact tractors (Category 1 pins included). Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish.

MSRP & Specs

Middle Buster/Subsoiler – Sub-Compact *
MSRP: $186.99
Item #: MBSSSC *
PTO HP Rating: 17-32
Unit Height: 31″
Approx. Weight: 35 lbs.
Width: 27″

*Special order requiring additional lead-time.



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