Maternity Pen

MSRP: $3,852.99
Item #: MP

  • Great for birthing and nursing animals
  • Circular design with sweep gate provides safe handling of animals
  • Heavy-duty automatic headgate
  • Split sweep gate with ratchet stop
  • Rear access door
  • Ribbed floor plate in birthing area
  • Heavy-duty, all welded 2- 1/2 square tube frame


Tarter's Maternity Pen is designed for safe handling of expecting cows and is helpful for assisting in calving or nursing. It features a heavy duty automatic headgate, sweepgate and rear access door for full access to the animal. 

MSRP & Specs

Maternity Pen
MSRP: $3,852.99
Item #: MP
Height: 85″
Approx. Weight: 1005 lbs.
Width: 167.5″
Length: 129.25″




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