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John Deere Galvanized Canning & Utility Tanks

Product Details

Small sizes and heavy-duty handles make tanks easy to manage and store

  • Useful for small gardens, planters, feed storage, and assisting with chores around the home or farm
  • Great drink coolers at social gatherings
  • 4-ply, double-lock bottom and deep sidewall corrugation for strength
  • Heavy-duty zinc G90 coating withstands harsh weather conditions
  • 1-1/8″ rolled top rim with 1″ tube insert for additional strength and rigidity
  • Unmatched quality and consistency in construction


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NOTE: Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment does not sell direct and does not give out pricing. Ask for Tarter products by name at great farm and ranch stores. Not all dealers stock all products at all times. Ask your local Tarter dealer to order what you need! It is easy to find your nearest Tarter dealer. Just click here to find a dealer near you.

Product Specs

Below are the product item numbers to ask for at your local Tarter dealer.  Also includes additional information that may be helpful to you. 

Item #: JDGCT21
Size:  2’x 1′
Approx. Capacity: 23 Gallons
Approx. Weight:  18 lbs.

Item #: JDGUT22
Size:  2’x 2′
Approx. Capacity: 46 Gallons
Approx. Weight:  27  lbs.

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