Galvanized Cradle Bale Feeder

Item #: CBFG

New item

  • Keeps round bale off the ground to minimize waste
  • Great multi-species feeder
  • Removable gate on one end of feeder for easy loading
  • Skids for ease of movement
  • 1-3/4 round tubing for extra strength
  • Galvanized finish with clear coating (for additional protection against white rust)


Tarter's Galvanized Cradle Bale Feeder helps keep round bales off of the ground, minimizing hay waste and reducing feed costs. This product features a removable gate on one end for easy loading, as well as skids for transport around the farm. Galvanized for protection against white rust.


Galvanized Cradle Bale Feeder
Item #: CBFG
Height: 45″
Approx. Weight:  105 lbs
Width: 78-1/2″
Length: 84-1/2″

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