Flex Feeder

MSRP: $566.99
Item #: FF

  • Hay feeder compresses as the hay is consumed, allowing for entire bale consumption
  • Easy access for bulls, horses, and other livestock
  • Complete with horse safe drop pins with loop connections
  • 4-piece feeder measures 8′ in diameter when open and 12′ long when it is fully flexed
  • Constructed of 1-3/4″ high tensile steel tubing with metal hay-saver panel
  • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant, powder coat green finish


Tarter's Flex Feeder is designed for easy access to hay for bulls, horses and other livestock. This product features horse-safe drop pins with loop connections for easy set up and ultimate animal safety. As bales are consumed, panels are compressed from normal feeding pressure. The Flex Feeder is constructed of 1-3/4" high tensile steel tubing and a metal hay-saver panel in our corrosion resistant powder coat green finish

MSRP & Specs

Flex Feeder
MSRP: $566.99
Item #: FF
Approx. Weight: 294 lbs.
Height: 59″
Width: 96″
Flexed Length: 144″



"After purchasing the collapsible bale feeder, I just wanted to say "thanks;" I love that feeder! I breed and raise Belgian and Brabant Belgian horses, they eat a great deal and they waste a great deal, but this feeder has just about stopped the waste. I love how it goes together and pushes the hay, plus my one big mare cannot step into it!"
Maureen L., Idaho, Fresh Desk Report


"There is very little waste, whereas with the big round feeders my mares actually climb in and finish the hay. With this one that collapses, they can not do that because as they eat it closes to the center, helping save on hay!

I breed and train Belgian Draft horses, so wherever I can save money is nice."

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