Cattle Fence Line Feeder Panels

  • MULTIPLE FEEDING OPTIONS & LOCATIONS: For square or round bales, loose hay or silage. In barns, sheds, fence lines or corners.

  • TOUGH & DURABLE: 2” steel tubing, and a corrosive resistant finish means it will handle the rowdiest of crowds at mealtime.

  • QUICK PIN HOOKUP: great for constructing your own square bale feeders of various sizes.



Tarter's Cattle Fence Line Feeder Panels are designed for feeding square bale, loose hay or silage in fence lines, barns or sheds. This product works well for constructing square bale feeders of various sizes. Constructed of 2" round high tensile strength steel tubing, the Fence Line Feeder Panels stand 50" high and are available in 10' or 12' lengths with S-bars.

  • Designed for feeding square-bale, loose hay, or silage in the pasture fence line or corner

  • Used in barns or sheds for easy feeding

  • Great for constructing your own square bale feeders of various sizes

  • 2″ round high-tensile strength steel tubing

  • Stands 50″ high

  • S-bar openings to prevent calves from getting inside

  • Available in 10′ with 6 openings or 12′ size with 7 openings

  • Available in red only

  • Features our superior E-coat finish to ensure longer life in the field

Note: All panels come with quick pin hookup and are not available in galvanized.

MSRP & Specs

MSRP: $275.99
Item #: 2FSR10
Length: 10′
Approx. Weight: 83 lbs.
Color: Red

MSRP: $315.99
Item #: 2FSR12
Length: 12′
Approx. Weight: 96 lbs
Color: Red



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