Expo Horse Stall

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  • Available with sliding or swing-out doors

  • Standard with heavy-duty drop-pin hookups or top-mount hookups

  • 7′ tall

  • Panels and door are set up to accommodate up to 3/4″ thick plywood or upgraded to puckboard

  • Panels are easily installed and set up in minutes

  • Can be used in clear span construction or post frame

  • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat green finish



Tarter's Expo Horse Stall delivers impeccable quality and value. This product is fast and simple to set up in clear span or post frame constructions. It is designed to accept either plywood material or upgraded to puckboard. The Expo Horse Stall is standard with Tarter's corrosion resistant powder coat green finish.

MSRP & Specs

10′ Stall front with sliding door
Expo Horse Stall
MSRP: $711.99
Item #: ESFSD10
Approx. Weight: 215 lbs.

10′ Stall front with swing out door
Expo Horse Stall
MSRP: $545.99
Item #: ESFSOD10
Approx. Weight: 215 lbs.

10′ Stall side – Solid
Expo Horse Stall
MSRP: $536.99
Item #: ESSO10
Approx. Weight:  200 lbs.

10′ Stall Side – Vented
Expo Horse Stall
MSRP: $470.99
Item #: ESS10
Approx. Weight:  190 lbs.


Stall front & sides come with plywood filler.  This is a special order item requiring additional lead time from your dealer.



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