Equine Pro Feeder w/ Hay Saver subheader=3-Piece Horse Hay Feeder w/ Hay Saver

MSRP: $391.99

  • ROUND AND ROOMY: The 8’ diameter easily accommodates large round bales.

  • SMOOTH, SAFE & STABLE: Rounded dividers ensure a safe, comfortable feeding experience. Sturdy loop legs prevent sinking into the ground.

  • ALL SEASON PASS: Our durable corrosion-resistant powder coat finish means it can be used year-round, making it a long-lasting smart investment.



Tarter's Equine Pro Hay Feeder w/ Hay Saver is perfect for feeding round bales to horses. This product was designed with safety, hay utilization and durability in mind. Smooth, rounded top loops are designed to discourage mane rubbing and the spacing helps prohibit horses from catching a hoof in the feeder. The loop legs prevent sinking in soft surfaces and the hay-saver panel minimizes waste in group feeding environments. Available in galvanized or red.

Notes: All feeders comes complete with bolts and nuts needed for assembly. Recommended for the toughest outdoor environments.

MSRP & Specs

Equine Pro Feeder w/ Hay Saver
MSRP: $391.99
Item #: RHF
Approx. Weight: 163 lbs


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