Elite Dog Kennel

MSRP: $621.99

INCLUDED: 3 heavy duty side panels & 1 heavy duty front door panel. Each panel is 10’ wide and 6’ tall (w/ complete hardware)

  • TARTER TOUGH. Constructed with the thickest professional grade, powder-coated galvanized steel tubing, and heavy 8-gauge wire ensuring a long life. See just how tough our kennel is in this Extreme Challenge[lightbox].

  • LOCKABLE DOUBLE-SIDED LATCHES. Easy to operate and animal-proof.

  • CUSTOMIZED EXPANDABILITY. Optional extra panels make it easy to construct the perfect sized kennel for your animals. (See MSRP & SPECS below)

  • COMFORTABLE & SECURE. Strong precision welding means no sharp edges and protection from outside predators.


     Tarter’s Elite Dog Kennel is sturdy, spacious, safe and secure. It’s simply the strongest kennel in America! Everybody loves their dogs and only want the best for them, which is why we designed our Elite Dog Kennel to be Tarter Tough. We made it with heavy 8-gauge wire and thick tubing. See how just tough the Elite Dog Kennel is in this Extreme Challenge[lightbox].

     When you want the best outdoor solution for keeping your dogs, chickens, or even your bunnies safe and secure from predators, Tarter’s Elite Dog Kennel is your choice. Dog owner Jason Bastin has relied on Tarter's kennel for years. Watch his story[lightbox]. One customer sent us a letter[lightbox] and told us the Elite Dog Kennel saved her dogs life. A Texas non-profit group that trains service dogs to help veterans relies on our kennels to keep their canines safe and secure. Click here to watch now.[lightbox]

     We know you want your kennel to look great and last a long time, so we galvanized our steel and gave it a powder coated finish. That will guard against corrosion from harsh chemicals or the gnawing of sharp teeth. 

     And when you’re ready to expand, Tarter makes it easy. Just add on with six-by-five and six-by-ten side panels, an optional two-door front panel, and even a shade cover for additional comfort and protection. And they all come with heavy duty top and bottom kennel clamps, making it simple to give your animals room to roam.  Our lockable two-way latches are animal proof, yet make it a breeze for you to enter and exit. 

     Watch how[lightbox] easy it is to assemble Tarter’s Elite Dog Kennel. Also, Tarter manufactures a high quality Galvanized Steel Kennel. Have questions? Give us a call at 1-800-RED-GATE or chat with us at TarterUSA.com. 

MSRP & Specs

6′ x 10′ x 10′ Complete
Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel
MSRP: $621.99
Item #: DKHDG
Approx. Weight: 273 lbs.

6′ x 10′ - Front – Gray
Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel
MSRP: $237.99
Item #: DKFHDG
Approx. Weight: 84 lbs.

6′ x 10′ - Side - Gray
Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel
MSRP: $193.99
Item #: DKSHDG
Approx. Weight: 63 lbs.

6′ x 10′  – Front w/2 Doors – Gray
Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel
MSRP: $374.99
Item #: DKF2DHDG
Approx. Weight: 96 lbs.

6′ X 5′ – Side – Gray
Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel
MSRP: $167.99
Item #: DKSHDG5
Approx. Weight: 42 lbs.

6′ x 5′ – Front – Gray
Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel
MSRP: $217.99
Item #: DKFHDG5
Approx. Weight: 53 lbs

Clamp Set
Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel
MSRP: $23.99
Item #: DKCHD2
Approx. Weight: 4 lbs.

Dog Kennel Slam Latch
Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel
MSRP: $23.99
Item #: DKSL
Approx. Weight: 2 lbs.

  • Panels are constructed of 1-3/4″ galvanized tubing and filled with sturdy 8-gauge 2″ x 4″ wire

  • Note: All Elite 5’ individual panels are approximately 6” shorter and the Elite 10’ individual panels are 3” shorter to allow for hardware and proper clearance.



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