Creep Feeder Panels

MSRP: $236.99 - $271.99

  • Designed for use between pastures and outside sheds for calf only feeding
  • Adjustable horizontal bar for calf passage only
  • Ideal for small or large herds
  • Constructed of 2″ round tubular steel and stands 50" tall, in 10' - 12' lengths
  • Calf openings are 18″ apart
  • Features our superior E-Coat red finish to ensure longer life in the field


Tarter's Creep Feeder Panels are designed for use between pastures and outside of sheds or barns for adding weight to calves. Featuring an adjustable horizontal bar and 18" openings for calf-only access, these panels are engineered to last. 

MSRP & Specs

Creep Feeder Panels
MSRP: $236.99
Item #: 2RRCF10
Length: 10′
Approx. Weight: 91 lbs.

Creep Feeder Panels
MSRP: $271.99
Item #: 2RRCF12
Length: 12′
Approx. Weight: 109 lbs.

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