CattleMaster Hydraulic Chute

The CattleMaster Hydraulic chute is the most affordable chute on the market. Maximizing ease and efficiency for larger livestock operations.

MSRP: $11,153.99
Item #: CMHC12

  • Hydraulic operation made easy. Stand in one place to operate tailgate, head gate, and squeeze function.

  • All-Access Pass. Removable top and bottom panels allows quick and easy access for branding, vaccinating, deworming, etc.

  • Side Exit.The side panel opens providing another exit option

  • Plug In and Work! All you need is a 110 volt power source or 4 thousand watt generator and you’re good to go.



Tarter's CattleMaster Hydraulic Chute is the most affordable hydraulic chute on the market. Our Hydraulic Chute is perfect for all cattle operations that want to add the ease of hydraulics. This chute has been proven to cut working time in half! 

The placement of the hydraulic system creates an easy working area. You can stand in one place to easily and efficiently operate the tailgate, head gate, and squeeze function.

This chute gives you an all access pass for working your livestock. With one hand you can brand, vaccinate, and even deworm. And, removable panels at the bottom make access to the lower half of your cattle safe and quick.

If you need to work larger cattle, there's a side door to allow livestock to exit. 

Simply Plug in to a 110 volt power source or a 4 to 5 thousand watt generator, and as long as you have a 30 amp breaker - you’re ready to start working.  

  • Maximum inside working dimensions 66" tall, 31" wide and 95" long

  • Working Dimensions *Minimum amount of space required to properly operate chute effectively: 93″ tall, 133″ wide and 113″ long

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish

Have questions? Call our team of cattle handling experts at 1-800-RED-GATE. Or chat with us at

Hydraulic Chute Usage Instructions.

Read more about our new hydraulic chute – Cattlemaster 12! Article published on Progressive Cattleman Website.


MSRP & Specs

CattleMaster Hydraulic Chute
MSRP: $11,153.99
Item #: CMHC12
Height: 96″
Width: 53″
Length: 113″
Weight: 1,900 lbs.




"We've not had a serious injury on an animal working cattle the whole time we've owned that. And that is new.

The Series 12 (Hydraulic) chute has cut our time in half... we recently AI'd 60 cows, averaging over 12 cows an hour. That's pretty fast."

- Toby J., Indiana

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