Cattle Flex Feeder subheader=Cattle Flex Feeder - Closed Top

MSRP: $561.99
Item #: FFCT

  • UNIQUE FLEX DESIGN: This feeder compresses as the cattle eat - ensuring little to no hay waste

  • DUAL CONFIGURATION: Will accommodate round or large square bales

  • EXPANDABILITY: add on panels to suit your herd size

NOTE: Not recommended for horses.



Tarter's Cattle Flex Feeder is an innovative hay feeder that compresses as hay bales are consumed, allowing livestock to consume the entire bale. This feeder is engineered to withstand feeding pressure from cattle while also minimizing waste.

MSRP & Specs

Cattle Flex Feeder
MSRP: $561.99
Item #: FFCT *
Approx. Weight: 265 lbs.
Height: 53″
Width: 96″
Flexed Length: 144″




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