Canning Tank with Handles

Item #: GCT21

  • Tarter uses only high quality galvanized steel for all of our tanks
  • We've added a safe, heavy duty zinc coating to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Our tanks are great for planting, coolers, livestock waterers and countless other possibilities
  • Superior materials are used for strength and longevity, including four-ply double-lock seams to guarantee no leaks


Tarter's Canning Tank with Handles is the ultimate container for the farm, ranch and homestead. These multi-use tanks feature consistently high quality construction and are designed for simple, manageable handling. 


Canning Tank with Handles
Item #: GCT21
Size: 2′ x 1′
Capacity: 23 gallons
Approx. Weight: 18 lbs.

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*All gallons and sizes listed are approximate.*