Bull Mineral Feeder

The best protection for minerals. Easy access for livestock. 

MSRP: $117.99 - $260.99

  • Portable mineral feeder designed for livestock in all weather conditions
  • Low profile helps prevent tipping or spilling of valuable minerals
  • Impact, heat and cold resistant for maximum longevity
  • Weatherproof poly lid protect the contents of the entire feeder
  • Smooth edges for human and animal safety


Tarter's Bull Mineral Feeder is designed to withstand the elements. In addition to the accessible anchoring points, the low profile design helps mitigate tipping and spilling of valuable mineral. The Bull Mineral Feeder is available in three sizes:

  • Small Bull Mineral Feeders holds 6 gallon
  • Bull Mineral Feeder holds 10 gallons
  • Ground level feeder holds 18 gallons

MSRP & Specs

Ground Level Mineral Feeder
MSRP: $260.99
Item #: GLMF
Height: 15″
Approx. Weight: 54 lbs.
Diameter: 37″ inside; 40-3/4″ lid
Capacity: 18-gallons

Small Bull Mineral Feeder
MSRP: $117.99
Item #: SBMF
Height: 7″
Approx. Weight: 23-1/2 lbs.
Diameter: 38″ inside; 35-1/2″ lid
Capacity: 6-gallons

Bull Mineral Feeder
MSRP: $145.99
Item #: BMF
Height: 14″
Approx. Weight: 39 lbs.
Diameter: 45″ inside; 40″ lid
Capacity: 10-gallons

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