Bucket Mount Super Spear

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  • Easily mounts and dismounts with a single bolt without moving front bucket

  • Capable of lifting bales up to 2,000 lbs.

  • Heavy duty replaceable heat treated upper spear

  • 2 welded stabilizer bars for extra hold and stability

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish



Tarter's Bucket Mount Super Spear is constructed to lift bales up to 2,000 lbs.. It is quickly and easily mounted and dismounted and features stabilizer bars for enhanced hold and stability.

MSRP & Specs

Bucket Mount Super Spear
MSRP: $280.99
Item #: BSMB
Unit Height: 8-3/4”
Approx. Weight: 65 lbs.
Width: 30-1/4″
Length: 61-1/2″
Center Spear: 45”
Stabilizer Spear: 15”


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