Tarter's Raised Bed Planters

Tarter is proud to introduce our raised bed planters. Easy to weed and easy to maintain, these planters are perfect for any backyard garden. Constructed from the same quality materials as Tarter’s water tanks, these raised bed planters offer an attractive and durable alternative to traditional wooden bed gardens.

Beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal, Tarter’s raised bed planters offer a number of unique benefits. Unlike a traditional wooden planter, the Tarter raised bed will never rot and fall apart. There are no tools needed to setup one of Tarter’s raised bed planters, all you have to do is choose a place for your garden! Each planter is bottomless, allowing for excellent drainage that will keep your garden blooming. Additionally, the raised bed planter causes soil temperatures to rise faster than they would in the ground. This not only means that you can plant earlier, but that you can keep planting later in the season. Think of all the added produce you could enjoy with an extra couple weeks of growing season!

Tarter is committed to providing quality farm and ranch equipment, and the raised bed planter is no exception. The Tarter raised bed planters are available in two sizes, and we encourage you to head over to www.TarterUSA.com to check them out!