Moving Your Feeder Is Important

As winter weather comes our way, animal owners everywhere need to take extra steps to ensure the health and happiness of their animals, in addition to the well being of their property. Rotating feeders is an important part of keeping things running smoothly.

By rotating your feeders you’ll be able to guarantee that your animals always have a dry place to find a meal. A wet, muddy feeding area can slow down the entire operation and even damage your equipment. Keeping this area dry will help you maintain your feeders longer; there are few things worse than damaging a feeder trying to extract it from a muddy bog. Additionally, a wet feeding area can be incredibly wasteful. Think of all the hay or feed you might be losing into the mud, food that would otherwise go to sustaining your animals.

As far as strategies for feeder rotation go, it really comes down to the size of your herd. For a herd of 4-5 horses on a hay basket with square bales, we recommend moving the feeder about once every two weeks. For those of you that prefer a round bale, your rotation schedule will depend not only on the size of your heard, but also on the size of the bales themselves. Ultimately the most important thing is preserving both your animals and your land through the winter weather.

With careful feeder rotation you’ll find your equipment lasting longer and doing more for the sake of your animals’ health. Here at Tarter we’re committed to animals and owners everywhere. With a little effort and attention both you and your animals will remain happy and healthy for years to come.