Have Livestock? The New Federal Rule That Could Impact You

We know a lot of you have livestock. There’s a new federal regulation about to take effect that may impact you. Before adding antibiotics to your feed, you may need to get your veterinarian’s approval first in the future.

Right now some antibiotics you can pick up at the feed store without having to talk to your vet about it. A few months from now – you will need your vet’s approval first.

This “permission slip” so to speak is called a Veterinary Feed Directive. The FDA is behind this change. They believe these added regulations will ensure antibiotics will be used properly on livestock.

This change doesn’t go into effect until January 1st of 2017. In the meantime take a look at the antibiotics you’re working with, or may use again. Visit the manufacturers website to see if a Veterinary Feed Directive will be needed.