Benefits of Equine Massage

Everybody loves a good massage. What most people don’t realize is that this is true for horses as much as for people! In fact, equine massage has been proven to be incredibly beneficial for a horse’s health. Massaging your horse improves muscle tone, expands their range of motion, and increases blood circulation.

For those of you that remain unconvinced, even a thorough brush down can go a long way to improving the circulation of your animal. If you’re looking to try equine massage out for yourself, licensed equine massage therapists advise focusing on the neck, back, shoulders, and hindquarters of your animal. This can help your horse move more efficiently, and ultimately decrease the risk of injury.

Whether you simply want to intensify your horse’s brushing regime, attempt equine massage yourself, or jump in with a licensed equine massage therapist, there are truly no downsides for your animal. Try equine massage out for yourself and you’ll soon find out, there’s no reason our animals shouldn’t enjoy massages too.