What are the price of Tarter products?

Pricing is set by our dealers. You will need to contact your local Tarter dealer for pricing on products.

How can I find my closest Tarter dealer?

You may call us at 1-800-733-4283 or visit our website and click on the tab Dealer Locator.  Input your zip code and it will generate the closest Tarter dealers to you.

My Tarter dealer doesn’t have an item in inventory, how can I get it?

Dealers can order any product that is available in the area.  Ask your dealer if they  will order it for you.

Where can I get replacement parts?

Local dealers can order replacement parts, some dealers are not aware that they can, ask them to contact their Tarter sales rep.

Can Tarter check the inventory of a dealer?

Tarter does not have access to inventory levels of our dealers.

What is the gauge of Tarter gates?

The gauge will be different depending on what gate is purchased.  Tarter offers gates from light duty to super heavy duty gates.