Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment is pleased to announce the 2018 Farm and Ranch Makeover!

Now through April 30, 2018, farmers and ranchers nationwide are invited to nominate a friend, family member, farm or agricultural non-profit organization who they believe is deserving of a Farm and Ranch Makeover.

How to Nominate:
Individuals may submit nominations through Tarter’s Farm and Ranch Makeover webpage. To complete the Nomination Form on this webpage, individuals must enter the following information: Your Name, Name of Nominee, Nominee City, Nominee State, Your Email Address and the Nominee’s Story. Individuals must also accept the Terms of Agreement for the 2018 Farm and Ranch Makeover, as outlined on this page, before submitting their form. Submitted forms will enter Tarter’s automated entry system for members of the Tarter team to review.

Nomination Rules and Regulations:
Nominees may be entered and recognized more than once, but individuals may only submit one nominee in the 2018 Farm and Ranch Makeover. The nominee, whether an individual, family, farm or agricultural non-profit organization must have an operating farm, or land on which a farm may be operated. Members of the Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment staff may reach out to individuals (via email) who have sent nominations with follow-up questions or clarifications. 

Choosing the Farm and Ranch Makeover Recipient:
Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment will read every entry carefully. We will do our very best to find the most fitting and deserving recipient for a Farm and Ranch Makeover. When our team has determined a recipient, we will contact their nominator via email to share with them the exciting news. Once the recipient is confirmed and details of the Makeover are underway, we will make a final announcement to the public via email, on our website and across our social media platforms.

Terms and Privacy:
The Farm and Ranch Makeover will abide by our site-wide Privacy Policy. To view the details of our privacy policy, click here.

We thank you for participating in the 2018 Farm and Ranch Makeover, and we wish all nominees the very best of luck. Stay tuned for the final recipient's announcement!